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27/28/29 August

At 6:45PM

Venue: Satkar Residency, Thane

Primrose Hall

Yashvivek is a 2 day workshop that will help you discover your true purpose in life and achieve your goals.

Led by Vivek Mehetre, one of India's leading motivational trainers, Yashvivek will teach you how to set and achieve your goals, overcome your fears and limiting beliefs, build self-confidence and self-esteem, master your time and productivity, and create a life that you love.

If you are ready to take your life to the next level, then Yashvivek is the workshop for you.

About Vivek Mehetre

Vivek Mehetre is a motivational speaker, trainer, famous cartoonist, international stage show performer from Maharashtra, India.

He has conducted various training programs and motivational sessions for individuals and corporate organizations.

He is also known for his powerful presentations and stage performances that combine entertainment and education to inspire and motivate his audience. Additionally, Vivek Mehetre is the author of 23 different books and as a publisher he has published more than 510 books under the banner of Udveli Books.

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